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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ten Ton Loki

I haven't had time lately to do the Ten Ton Challenge but I worked one in this week. It's not my best and I'm not too happy with it but what the heck.
It's Loki from the Thor comics. He looks way too young. Maybe this is "Teen Loki".


Blogger chris chUa! said...

hey, this is REALLY sweet. I betcha peeps are gonna like it. sure, he looks too young but in a weird way, this look a bit different than your usual stuff..less cartoony, more older in a younger way, if that makes sense. which it doesn't, heh. hmm..I think it's just less cartoony big head porportions that's more your Modus, yeah, that M,O. thingy. the layout and overall design of the piece is fantastic too. I like this one. watch, people are gonna dig it. if not, then I will punch all of them in the stomach.

oh and there's some other real kick ass ones this week too. who knew such a lame character would inspire so many cool pics. DDG's is real purty as is Lameany's and Timmons.

11:22 PM  
Blogger Steve Willhite said...

Nope. They ain't diggin' it. I'm gettin' my booty kicked.
Glad you liked it though.

Man, I have a ton of junk to get done by Saturday. A postcard design, a poster design and a new Metal Church pic. I'm not sure if it will be a caricature or just an illo. We'll see.

12:47 PM  
Blogger TMALO70 said...

Hey Steev,

Teen Loki works for Me... While certainly not one of Your best, it pushes the idea that there is a side of Loki's Story that hasn't been touched on yet... Perhaps, He went out on a Quest in order to endear Himself to Odin more... So that Odin would look upon Him with that OneEye of His, as He does Thor... While I like a lot of the art on TenTon, sometimes it has to be more about the content than "How Cool Lookin" it is... And for that, You get my vote... Don't Beat Yourself up over it... Happy Mistakes Brotha', Happy Mistakes...



5:28 AM  
Anonymous Lynn said...

Yes, the first thing I noticed was that Loki looked like he was trying to find his voice like Peter of the Brady Bunch. But, once again your attention to the little things comes shining through in your squiggly little detailed lines. You also embodied his prankster personality with the "Steve '07" carved into the side of the mountain. Oh, that Loki....he just never stops!

9:25 PM  

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